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Safe Passage provides various methods to deliver content to your students. We carry the largest variety of computer based training products in the industry and our security training services are unmatched when it comes to quality and value.

Computer Based Training (CBT)

Safe Passage Computer Based Training (CBT)Safe Passage's Computer Based Training provides students with a self-paced training program delivered via CD, the internet (web-based training), or locally to one or multiple PCs.

Have the ability to network multiple PCs to collect student training records in a centralized location. Securely manage training reports, courses, user accounts, and much more.

Build your own training program by choosing courses from our large library of security training products. Content-based courses are enhanced with graphics, an extensive glossary, and engaging lab exercises. Simulation-based courses prepare users for an operational setting by introducing the interface and icons of the machine and providing the opportunity to improve image interpretation skills. Backend algorithms monitor each user's learning experience and feedback is generated based on user performance.


Instructor Led Training (ILT)

Safe Passage Instructor Led Training (ILT)Safe Passage's Instructor Led Training offers the knowledge of an experienced instructor to provide an invaluable component to your training program.

Our instructors will come to you to deliver an interactive, objective-based training session. Our training sessions contain measurable outcomes to track student progress and prepare students for their learning assessment. Student testing may be computer-based, paper-based, or hands-on practicum. Our instructors can also provide on-the-job training for a variety of screening methodologies, including physical search, ETD, and X-ray.

Safe Passage instructors are backed with years of educational experience. They offer students an opportunity to engage with training content and help to reinforce learning material.


Blended Training

Blended TrainingSafe Passage's Blended Training combines aspects of both Computer Based Training and Instructor Led Training into one complete training session.

Students complete PC based training on their own time and then receive a training session delivered by an experienced Safe Passage instructor. Hands-on and on-the-job training may be provided to further increase student retention and understanding of class topics.

Each individual student has a preferred learning style. Blended training accommodates this by using various teaching techniques in the training session. By addressing different learning styles, students gain greater comprehension of class material and are able to apply their knowledge to practical situations on the job.


Custom Development

Safe Passage Custom DevelopmentSafe Passage will work with you to create a custom training program to fit your company's needs.

Our development team specializes in analyzing, designing, and developing custom training solutions. We can help you develop operational and procedural content-based courses using learning objectives. We can also create simulation-based courses to mirror functionality found in new security equipment. Safe Passage will build custom image libraries to reflect the type of items passing through your facilities. We can also help you put together a complete training program to satisfy regulatory requirements. Whatever it may be, we want to help fulfill your training needs.

We always value the opportunity to work jointly with our clients to create a custom solution and guarantee a training program that provides your security professionals with the skills needed to perform on the job.  


Our Products and Programs

Safe Passage has a variety of training products and programs to fit your needs. To learn more about what we have to offer, please select from a product category below:
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