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  • VMI Spectrum Series Operator Training Course Released -
  • Safe Passage International is delighted to announce the release of the VMI Spectrum Series Operator Training Course. The Spectrum series product line by VMI Security offers a complete X-ray inspection solution for belongings, baggage, and cargo using non-intrusive inspection (NII) technology. Our operator training for the VMI Spectrum Series fully immerses students into the equipment and prepares them for the operational setting.

    Course material for the VMI Spectrum Series engages students by presenting content in various ways. The course features an abundance of interactive exercises, checking knowledge gained as students advance through the course. To ensure all students are assessed equally, unit and final exam questions are linked to fundamental learning objectives. Exam questions are displayed in diverse formats such as multiple choice, fill in the blank, true/false, matching, ordering, etc. When individual students display deficiencies in certain areas, automatic algorithms will provide targeted remediation where needed to further reinforce those learning objectives.

    The VMI Spectrum Series Operator Training Course prepares students to use the VMI Spectrum X-ray system on the job. To learn more about the course, click here.

  • Safe Passage to Exhibit at the 2023 NSA Conference and Exhibition in Grand Rapids -
  • Safe Passage International will exhibit at the 2023 NSA Conference & Exhibition in Grand Rapids, MI from June 26-29. This annual show put on by the National Sheriffs' Association will display products and equipment relevant to every facet of police work, prisoner transport, and courtroom security. As a first-time exhibitor at this show, we are excited to meet individuals from the general secuirty industry and to show off our products and services.

    Safe Passage currently supplies security training programs and services for ports and borders agencies, defense agencies, law enforcement, courthouses, judicial centers, prisons, correctional facilities, etc. We help organizations create and deliver training to promote the screening of people, belongings, and cargo. Our extensive portfolio of security training solutions cover checkpoint security, mailroom security, event security, diplomatic protection, prohibited articles and contraband detection, IED awareness, X-ray interpretation, ETD & X-ray operator courses, DV and 3D X-ray simulators, and more. Visit us at booth 249 to learn more about how we can help shape your security training program.

    June 26-28, 2023
    DeVos Place Convention Center
    Grand Rapids, MI, USA
    Booth 249


  • Rapiscan RTT Series Operator Training & 3D Simulator Released -
  • Safe Passage International is pleased to announce the release of the Rapiscan RTT Series Operator Training Course and 3D Simulator. The Rapiscan RTT EDS accurately detects an increased range of explosive threats and prohibited items at high speeds using real time tomography. Our operator and simulator training for the RTT Series introduces students to the system and allows them to practice their 3D X-ray image interpretation skills in a safe, simulated environment.

    The RTT Series Operator Training Class uniquely features three stages of operator training with all new interactive exercises dispersed throughout. The first stage is an introduction to viewing 3D images. It advises students on how to transition from viewing traditional 2D images to 3D images. The second stage is all about the RTT system, its core components, and how to properly use the technology. The final stage of operator training explains the in-depth process to resolve 3D X-ray images. Students will then apply what they have learned by spending time with the 3D simulator analyzing an array of X-ray images. Integrated into the simulator is a hold baggage image library to emulate the type of items students will encounter in a real-world setting.

    The Rapiscan RTT Series Operator Training Class is carefully arranged to guide students through the transition from 2D to 3D X-ray interpretation with comprehensive instruction for the RTT series. To learn more about the Rapiscan RTT Series Operator Training, click here.

  • Safe Passage to Exhibit at The Airport Show in Dubai -
  • Safe Passage International is excited to be making a return to the Airport Show in Dubai, UAE after four years. The exhibition will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center from May 9th through 11th.

    Many co-located events will take place alongside the Airport Show including the Global Airport Leaders' Forum (GALF), Airport Security Middle East, ATC Forum, and Women In Aviation Middle East where industry experts and officials will be discussing a variety of topics crucial to the global aviation industry. We are delighted to be back for this great exhibition in the middle east and hope to see you there.

    9-11 May 2023
    Sheikh Saeed Hall 1
    Stand No. S1012

    The Airport Show
    SPI Exhibitor Profile

  • Rapiscan Itemiser 5X-CAR ETD Operator Training Released -
  • Safe Passage International is proud to release Rapiscan Itemiser 5X-CAR Explosive Trace Detection training. Our training course teaches students how to safely and effectively operate the system to aid in the detection of explosive particles and narcotics at security screening checkpoints.

    The Rapiscan Itemiser 5X-CAR training course ensures student comprehension through clearly defined learning objectives. Interactive exercises throughout the course increases engagement and further strengthens learner retention. Automated algorithms evaluate each student’s progress and detects any learning deficiencies. Custom exam sessions are then generated to provide targeted remediation where necessary for each individual.

    With this new course, students will gain a thorough understanding of how to use the Itemiser 5X-CAR, perform sampling procedures, and respond appropriately to alarm results. The curriculum is comprehensive and offers standardized instruction across an organization. Students using this training course will be set up for success in the operational environment.

    The Rapiscan Itemiser 5X-CAR is a TSA Approved ETD Technology for air cargo. To learn more about operator training for the Rapiscan Itemiser 5X-CAR system, click here.

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